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Alloraptor Super Hybrid Idea

Thoughts and or tweaks?


The attack is a bit high, considering how strong it’s counter is, the fact that it has vulnerability, and it’s distraction resistance. The good news is that it doesn’t need to have high attack to be strong, with all the rending and vulnerability.


You should’ve just named it carnoraptor lol, brings back memories and nostalgia


You’re right. Attack is a bit high. Tried to make up for its low HP as a counter attacker, but distraction moves would make up for that enough already!

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I like the overall design a lot though. There’s not really anything like it in the game right now. Alloraptor itself is probably the closest thing, but it doesn’t have a counter.


Names not mine tho

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lol i made this like a month ago but is was carnoraptor with allo gen 2

I mean, this was an idea that has been tossed around for months, tho I’m pretty sure @DinoMaster3000 came up with the original concept

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That’s what I was going for :slight_smile: Alloraptor with a dash of Purutaurus’ distract/rend-counter combo. Alloraptor has one of the sleekest designs in the game imo and adding some devil horns to its design could make for a mean little machine :fire:

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