Alloraptor users, question

I was wondering if I should replace my Indoraptor gen 2 with Alloraptor? I am in mid sorna marshes where indos are rampant. I also have noticed a pattren, she is not great, I also looked at Allorap’s moves are good against her. So should I replace Indo 2 with Alloraptor?

allorap looses consistently to indo g2. Against indo g1, unless that indo is played really bad (Great Rng on an evasive stance for you also works) allorap will still loose. However, she is a great tank buster. Trykos are taken out with relative ease. Maximas too if on equal terms. She can also help with those pesky dinos with no escape or immobilize. I have not gotten to test her against a gemini yet, so i’m not too sure how she fairs.

as for replacing indo g2 with her, it would depend on what you need her to do. She won’t be the best at taking on other speedsters. Better suited for tanks and the occasional chomper.

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I really want to say yes, but it be a bad suggestion, hey, mind showing us your team and see if I can make suggestions?

My team has a lvl 17 indominus rex with no boosts,
a lvl 17 Utahsino with 1 tier in both health and attack,
a lvl 18 Erlikosaurus with tier 1 speed,
a lvl 17 stegod with no boosts,
lvl 16 indo 2 with no boosts,
lvl 18 tryostronix with 2 boosts in health and 3 in attack and 2 in speed,
Lvl 17 Prorat with 1 tier of boosts in speed and health
And a lvl 16 Brachio with no boosts.

As much as I love Alloraptor, I would have to say no in terms of strength. Sure Alloraptor takes out all those big tanks, but Indoraptor takes out literally everything else. Together though, they make a pretty good team.


Should I get rid of indomino for alloraptor?

If you can get Alloraptor up to team level, and keep it without it falling behind, then I would say yes. The biggest issue with Alloraptor is that Allosaurus G2 is way too hard to get.
EDIT: I just read your team comp. Replace Brachio instead, you have stegod to tank, and it’s not a great meta for underleveled non hybrid tanks.

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