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Alloraptor VS Spinonyx

So this is my current team at 4700 trophies :

However, I am thinking of replacing my Spinonyx with Alloraptor as it seems that a lot of creatures are now able to effectively counter bleed. My Spinonyx is boosted as follows : The Alloraptor I can replace it with would be like this :
I’ve seen that Alloraptor is very powerful against most creatures (one almost 3-0 me today). I’m torn between the 2 and don’t know which one to use.

gonna tell you right now, that your allorap with those is a prime swap in target.

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or instead save ur spinonyx dna and make spyx which is way better atm, even as a cunning can just deal loads or take out resilients


Its actually very good (in my deck)
Speed-immun = :pray:

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