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Alloraptor wrong move set

It says you can not prevent it doing a swap ability but it dies not have one

This means it can’t be locked down, say by an Apato doing a pinning strike.

It could get a hybrid that has a swap ability, so the immune to swap prevention could be passed on.

it’s if you wanted to swap something in, not for wanting to swap it out.

Its just the immunity to swap freely. It doesn’t require a hit&run ability

This means if someone forgot about that immunity and tried a lockdown move, you can still swap out for something else when you’re health is low or you decide the matchup is unfavorable.

It’s useful for not being setup bait. Like if a gigaspikasaur tried to pinning strike as a last move so you’d be stuck against a erlidom next turn, you could just freely swap to orion without being stuck


Helen is talking about the text on the tag. It says “If this creature performs a swap in ability it will still be bound” The answer is the move is not exclusive to this creature. The tag is used for all creatures that have this move. Some of them may have swap in moves or future creatures that will have this might have swap in moves