Last week you See Delta all over the map… but this week… we get allosaurus gen 2 for the Hybrid… it is Wendsday and i couldn’t See any one of it


The “rares” are ubiquitous and the epics are almost nonexistent in these events :unamused:


I did get one on an Epic Scent.

It’s out there on epic hybrid pursuits its way harder than rare. You have to push yourself to the limit lol. I think epic pursuits should be reworked a little.

Screenshot_20200302-192558_JW Alive


Found one today was just out my radar so I told my friend to head in that direction and was ready to get more pops at it
This also happened with titanboa who I never darted

I swear if this happens when I see another one

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Think about this @Ludia_Developers update to epic pursuits. Increase the chance by 2-3% for starters.

And hear me out. Imagine something called a “rampage” during pursuits. Through the week there is 2 rampages no matter which creature is featured in the pursuit.

What is a rampage lol?

Rampage: A creature on the map featured as the pursuit is moving around in a very small space, it kills everything in its space. Which means no spawns in the area for 150 meters. You have to click on it like a tower and defeat it to clear the area and you get dna from that creature for defeating it.

Something like that would ensure everybody gets a little dna and fun. Idk xD


I’ve darted two in two days, so double the amount as with the snake in two weeks.

I already darted 4x of them :slight_smile: So lucky in that regard

I am quite ready for super-hybrid based on alloraptor OR allo g2 DNA :slight_smile:

Yep I haven’t seen any either, wish the spawn rate for Epic Pursuit was increased. :frowning:

I’ve seen 5 or 6 so far, no scents

Only 3 this week and none today. Delta was so thick you stepped on them if you weren’t watching. AlloG2 is as common as finding Blue in the wild.

1 allo at the beginning of the week. Thats pretty good for me as i can’t go out hunting until the weekends. Usually i don’t see any epics during the pursuits.

It’s the 4 day of this event … and i didn’t See an allosaurus… nothing…

I’m stuck in bed today with yet another cold/cough flu thing. No chance of getting out the house. I’ve seen two Allosaurus G2 spawn in the last couple hours and both times just beyond my drones range. :unamused::cry:


Yes they are epic and thus hard to find, but they should at least be as common as all the spinosaurus g2 absolutely everywhere :unamused:

Had 3 in the space of an hour on Tuesday and was able to dart 2 - poor signal for the 3rd - not seen any outside of that hour.

Found a third just now and in range! Need a couple more now please. :slight_smile:

I Have Found Only One Luckily I Somehow Already Had 75 DNA Before Encountering It Despite Me Not Ever Knowing How I Did So I Got It

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Saw an Allosaurus Gen 2 earlier today…