Allosaurus gen 2 (File 15 artistic concept)

I wanted to start over because I have so many ideas to share with you!
I hope everyone likes them!

These are dinosaur concept teasers that should be coming to JWTG!

This creature can be seen in a short Jurassic World Dominion video!
We don’t know where she came from, but here we have to accept it!
Welcome the Allosaurus gen 2!

Allosaurus gen 2

DNA cost: 675
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 164
Damage: 45
Ferocity: 308

Level 20

Health: 280
Damage: 79
Ferocity: 533

Level 30

Health: 427
Damage: 121
Ferocity: 814

Level 40

Health: 604
Damage: 171
Ferocity: 1151

Do you want this creature added?
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  • No

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Which dinosaur do you want me to come out?
  • A very famous Pterosaur dinosaur
  • A new dinosaur gen 2 legendary
  • A hybrid for Allosaurus gen 2

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I personally think allosaurus gen2 should be super rare+.


Well allosaurus gen 1 is rare so allo g2 would also be rare but most likely a tournament creature like most gen 2s.

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I think Allo Gen 2 would fit better as a tournament creature. The original (Gen 1) is too weak, so she needs a stronger Gen 2.


I want it but not as a rare creature, as a tournament legendary.

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There is a reason I made it rare and its reason is the hybrid!

And then we could get alloraptor

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I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do alloraptor!
I can’t find the components!

Alloraptor/JW: A | Jurassic Park Wiki | Fandom


I know, but Delta is not in the game!
I mean, yes, but I don’t think it’s a creature with all effects!


You could just use any other raptor like deinonychus.


i was thinking about that

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Maybe use deino, or create pyro gen2/untha gen2

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You could even make the raptor squad, since we know have playable boss, we can get playable raptor pack with mod

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It would be a good idea!

But I have already created the hybrid for Allo gen 2!
If it wins the poll, I’ll show it to you tomorrow!

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Let’s hope allo gen 2 won’t be vip like anky gen 2 when he is added

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I really want the JWFK design for Allosaurus Gen 2.

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These are new marine creatures they should add

Sharks : cretoxyrhina, squalicorax, pychtodus

Mosasaurs : globbidens

Plesiosaurs : Hydrotherosaurus, futtabasaurus, cryptocleidus

Pliosaurs : Brachauchenius, Megacephalosaurus

Small plesiosaurs : macroplata

Turtles : stupendemys

Squids : orthoceras, giant ammonite (don’t remember the name)

Sea crocodiles : torvonesteus


I wonder if giganotosaurus get a rework or if they will just add giga gen 2 for dominion


Uh … I don’t think globidens is big enough to be classified as a mosasaur. I was thinking about putting it in the geosaur rig.

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