Allosaurus Gen 2 Monthly Reward - NONE

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Bug Description: Didn’t Get Any Monthly Reward - was there one this month ?

Area is was found in: Arena PvP monthly reward

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- when went to collect Reward, it gave me trophy count 5002, then game locked up. When logged back into game no monthly reward to collect, plus it didn’t say anything about missed DNA.
Step 2 -
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How often does it happen: This month on PvP monthly reward

What type of device are you using:

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Check your Allosaurus Gen 2, is the dna added there?

We all got the dna last week.

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if it wasn’t added last week when the season ended early, send an email to support with your support key. there are other people having the same issue.

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I did check its DNA, as had used it about 1 week ago for evolving Dino (Alloraptor), I knew exactly how much DNA I had and it is unchanged.

Regards Derek

I sent a support message and haven’t had a reply yet via the game app. I did not get the of season reward either! I ended season with 5505 trophies and when I clicked new season button I only got the information on the new season but no reward!! No reward received earlier either

I freaked out when I click the season button and got nothing. But then I realized they give it to us last week. :clown_face:

Unless you want 2x the allo g2, I think everyone got the rewards, the season ended a week early an everyone got the rewards for it. New season started 2 days ago, with no reward, because the season already ended.

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