Allosaurus GEN 2

(Posting this again as old one got deleted somehow, whoops!)
As many of you may already know, there are 2 unconfirmed dinosaurs in the “Not Collected”, as some of you also already know one of them is Allosaurus GEN 2. I’m super excited about this bc it’s been so long since we got a GEN 2 and Allosaurus is my favourite dinosaur (hybrids are not dinosaurs)
Its moves are:
-Defense Shattering Strike
-Rending Attack
-Defense Shattering Rampage


It looks like the Allosaurus from Walking with Dinosaurs. I already love.this allosaurus design more, and I think a few certain YT gamers will too

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maybe ludia team want to keep the new dino classified


Is something known about her rarity?

Allosaurus gen 2 had epic rarity

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Thx ^^

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Did you know about nasutoceratops too?

Looks like the new JW toys for that “battle at big rock”



Looks almost same like allo gen 2

Yeah that’s what I’m saying. These 2 new toys are for something called “battle at big rock” not sure if it’s going to be a film or a mini movie or Netflix thing. It’s going to be something though. So maybe these 2 new JWA dinos will be released corresponding with whatever it is coming out. These 2 toys recently hit the shelves a month or so ago. I have the Allosaurus because it looks so cool and way better than the original Allosaurus toy released with the film.

This will likely show my age but do you remember the Allosaurus Medical Lab playset that came out with The Lost World? That’s was sick!

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Definitely wondering what the game plan is with these two, whether the plan is to make them available in the wild at a later time or they’re going to be some kind of exclusives (hopefully not more Tournament exclusives).

That aside, like Pocemon said in his video this is almost a better Tyrannosaurus. It trades 200 damage and 10% Crit for more speed, better health and a Rending move of some kind (most likely the 33%, but I could see it being the 50%).

No! :hugs::scream:

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Dont forget about metriacanto in 1.7

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Please show your sources for this… Is it just a data mine or rumor mill

Some guy had footage of a fight on YouTube when the update first came out.

Huh? What do you mean? Like a beta tester or something?




Where that come from it’s not even in game?

They were for about an hour when 1.8 first came out

Ludia left them in by accident

I’m really feeling these 2 and their move sets. I can’t wait to get ahold of them in 1.9 assuming they drop then. I’m guessing 1.9 will be a big Dino drop since we’ve been getting so many hybrids lately that almost all the normal dinos are used up for something

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