Allosaurus GEN 2

not sure but as soon as i downloaded the 1.8 update i went to create my hybrids and saw that there were 2 undiscovered dinos down there on top of the new hybrids. I didn’t know what they were or how to get them. Then i asked in another thread and someone showed me the video.

those are not the dinosaurs that should appear in the Jurassic World short???

scroll up, i posted some pics of 2 new Jurassic World toys that came out a few months ago. They both look just like these 2 dinos that were added and then removed from the game.


So I came across this in the JWA field guide. Is this suppose to be coming in 1.9?

This thing has nasty damage but like a raptor, low health and could be two shotted before it gets its killer 2nd hit in.

I imagine they will be added to the game once the film short comes out.

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