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Allosino and indom question


I have finally achieved 200 dna on allosino and indom, but then I thought, where will these go in my team, so I ask the viewer. Where should I put allosino and indom in the team below


Are you asking if you should create one or the other? I’m not seeing enough ingredients so am confused. When the time comes I would replace stygi for sure.


That’s awesome @TroodonYT! IMO, I would replace either the raptor or Monolophosaurus with Allosinosaurus. I would consider replacing Kentro as well. As for Indominius Rex, I think you could replace Postimetrodon. Let me know how that works out!


Thanks for team strats


Postimetrodon is SO helpful at your level. High damage, immune, shield breaks, and regenerating. It’s like a gorgo that can’t be stunned or slowed. Don’t take him off your team unless you get Tryostronix.

It looks like your team is mostly fast and not very tanky. Try getting a Nodopatosaurus. They are tough and versatile.

I would also put T-Rex in there because you don’t have much in the way of huge crunch damage.

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I was only considering postimetrodons removal once I got tryo

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Definitely take off Velo. It’s health to damage ratio is super low, but for both Indominus and Allosino it’s super high.

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Ditch Velociraptor and Stygimoloch for I-Rex and Allosinosaurus, since you have Monolophosaurus and Proceratomimus as fast creatures


After many tests, I worked out that stygimoloch and kentro were replaced, still less then 1 lvl off utahsino so velo is probably going to go soon