Allosino or utahsino

Is there really a clear cut one is better then the other to decide on… im stuck on picking one on paper i allo… but utahraptor has that unique

you might have more fun with utahsino and it has a hybrid. allison at higher hp can be a problem only thing is speed is the achilles.

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Get your Utahsinoraptor to level 20 and use it to create Utarinex. After that, replace the Utahsinoraptor with Utarinex. As for Allosinosaurus, level it as much as you can. From my experience, same level Utahsinoraptor vs Allosinosaurus, the latter will win due to much higher hp, Allosinosaurus also has a far higher critical chance

Allo anytime of the day. That is a tank buster. Slow but packs a powerful punch.

Not to deter from the OPs question … but:

Allosino or Tryko? :thinking:

I can’t figure that one out either, need to test them out in friendly battles I think

I would use both if I were you. If you even have it that is.

Lol, that’s seems a little too ideal… how about if it were the traditional “either or” rhetorical question?

Depends on the situation then.

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Uta is more versatile, have a lot more trouble with opposing utas than allosinos.

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Post the recent update, now what do people think? I’m now at a point that I can start levelling one up.

Utasino can be better in battles due to its speed. Allosino now has a hybrid Thor. So even harder to decide.

I’ll probably lvl Utasino first, as I find it very useful but low lvl, then lvl up Allosino.

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Really depends on which of the dino you think you can level up easier. No point having both at low levels.