Allosinosaur vs Thoradolosaur?

Which one is better?
Is it worth investing in Thoradolosaur?
Spending al those coins on leveling up Tarbosaur to lvl 20?

thor is better. i know it loses the little bit of armor that allis has but it gains speed and damage which makes it ideal afainst creatures like stegodeus. but the question you propose make me think that your team may have other needs first. since you are worried about coins.

Thor is better, It loses the armor and a bit of health but It gains some damage, gets its crit doubled, a Speed buff and gets a DSR instead of API.
Also It looks awesome, go for Thor!

I’m ftp. So short on coins…

then work on diloracherius instead. looking at your team i dont think Thor would be the best addition. not yet anyways. im not sure what else you are close on getting. diloch rinex tryko dioraj. great additions. jmo. overall i do enjoy Thor but it has to be added to a robust team.