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Allosinosaurus (File 16 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur concept teasers that should be coming to JWTG!

This dinosaur is of rare beauty!
Honestly, I like it a lot and I would like it to come into the game.
There is also a novelty: the description!


Hybrid: Allosaurus gen 2 + Sinoceratops
DNA cost: 44000
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Halth: 2149
Damage: 680
Ferocity: 4325

Level 20

Halth: 3680
Damage: 1164
Ferocity: 7405

Level 30

Halth: 5610
Damage: 1774
Ferocity: 11287

Level 40

Halth: 7973
Damage: 2510
Ferocity: 16005

(NEW) Description:

Allosinosaurus is a light creature.
This is due to the rarity of its parents, as Sinoceratops is a tournament legendary and Allo gen 2 is a rare.
Its ferocity at level 40 is superior to hybrids such as Glythronax and Allonogmius but not that of Erliphosaurus and its cost of 44,000 DNA is fair.

He wanted to do it so “poor” because there are too many carnivorous hybrids too powerful!

Do you want this creature added?
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  • No

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Which dinosaur do you want me to come out?
  • The dinosaur everyone wants
  • A very famous Pterosaur dinosaur
  • A new legendary tournament herbivore with a new animation

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nice idea you got there

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Thoradolosaur? :heart_eyes:

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When and if I do super Hybrid tournaments I will be happy to do so

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i have changed my dp and it will be too op if thoradolosaurus

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If the pterosaur wins this is the teaser!


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That is an awesome idea! I would love to see Allosinosaurus being added to the game :heart_eyes:

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I think allosinosaurus is more possible than alloraptor because it’s component is a guest character and we don’t have any in the game of course they can change creatures like they did with rat but these are just changes in the gen not an entire creature


Chance we can see Andrewtherium