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Allosinosaurus instant charge: stun?


When using instant charge with Allosinosaurus, its an act first, 75% chance to stun. Whenever I stun the opponent it shows they are stunned, but then it just goes away and they get their turn. Whats the point of a stun move if the opponent doesnt lose a turn? Is this a glitch or am I missing something here?

Another bug! why i stun the indoraptor it can still act faster?

It’s a common misconception. When you use instant charge against an opponent faster than you, you deny its current turn attack but it’s still faster than you. Therefore it will be able to attack before any of your attack in the next turn.

Hope it helps !


Thanks! I figured I was just missing something about how the moved works.


had the same with utashsinaraptor, gutting when it says they’re stunned but still get to go anyway


Yes, but if you stun an opponent, surely they are stunned. Why is is when facing someone like a Rajasauras, it immediately gets stunned and can’t recover from it, yet other dinos can??

The dinos, do spin arround with the sign of a stun on them, so why don’t they stay stunned?

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The point is that it may grant you a snap-kill or halt opponent’s buffing ability for a round.


Do you even read what I posted ? In your example, rajasaurus has a speed of 104 and it’s slower than allosinosaurus with speed of 106. In this case, allosinosaurus will strike first in the next turn and you’ll have two consecutive attack (instant stun + next attack) but it’s two different cases.

One of my many to add to Ludia’s Team of geniuses

This game is probably not perfect but don’t think there’s a bug somewhere just because you don’t understand a game mechanic.


it’s dumb. this really should be an action based game, but it is a turned based game. basically it is a total waste of an attack, and allosinosaurus really shouldn’t be a legendary because of it. how is something stunned if the next action in the game is it attacking you? lol

why does a dino with 106 speed get an attack like that? it will work “how it should” against what, like 2 dinos? pointless.


The way I see stuns working, and sometimes it appears weird, is that it causes the opposition to miss 1 attack. Sometimes that 1 attack would come from the existing turn or the following turn depending on who went first and who goes first the next turn.

If you are the slower dinosaur, and you are going second and you stun, the stun carries into the next turn so that the opponent doesn’t get another attack, and you get to attack twice.
If you are the slower dinosaur, and you use an instant charge attack where you suddenly go first, and stun the dinosaur, he loses his turn for this round and the stun does NOT carry into the next round as he already missed one turn. And being faster he gets to go first in the next round.

If you are the faster dinosaur for whatever reason, and you go first and stun, the stun does not carry into the next round because the slower dinosaur misses his one attack in that round.