Allosinosaurus is stupid and some complaints!


allosaurus can destroy shield while the hybrid can’t do that…wasting time doing upgrade! no one in top 100 using it! my best scores is 49XX

while i see a lot of leaders on the board who have 4-5 of unique dinos at level 25-30, there is no way to do battle well against them! (i guess they are all hackers, coz i bot tons of dnas for thousands of us dollars, and drive 30 miles a week hunting dinos, playing the game 4 hours a day, now at level 18, 10 weeks since starting this game, but still can’t make my second unique, currently only have one level 21 indoraptor, which now is bad while facing tryko, dioraja, magnapyritor)

while paying thousands for the orange-colored incubators, most of the time, i only get tons of useless EPICs including spinosaurus gen 2, gryposuchus, stygimoloch, baryonyx, koolasuchus, either their hybrids suck or they are unable to evolve to new hybrid, and the rare dnas i reveived 80% are garbage!

according to my experience, i predict even someone pays 20 thousand us dollars and hunt dino very frequently, he is in no way having more than 3 uniques with level over 25! they must be hackers!

ludia should send more uniques to those who have paid and contributed most to their revenue, and stop spoofers and hackers! or just transfer those unfair game players’ higher level dnas to those who paid the most…