Allosinosaurus or utahsinoraptor

I seen alot of utahsinoraptor but I have yet to see any allosinosaurus yet. Which should I strive towards?

Utasinoraptor all way :hatched_chick: the instant charge definitely comes in handy… great spamming dino. You can also work to get the unique utarinex aswell. Allosinosaurus is okay, but the dino is just so slow that I usually kill it within 2 hits. I may save just enough sinoceratops to create the allosinosaurus.

not to mention the utasinoraptor is beautiful… :joy:

this. allo is one of the ugliest dinos i’ve ever seen. both are rather unusable, with utasino a little more usable and you need it for a more usable unique.

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Ugh no it looks like a skull :skull: :joy:

I just got utahsinoraptor like 5 minutes ago. The deciding factor was that I think utahsinoraptor looks freakin awesome.


Allosino doesn’t look awesome?

@Calebrys’s utasino just turned 25 btw :birthday:
It’s soo funny seeing old screen shots,
Really makes you appreciate all the progress :calendar:


No he is the ugly duckling… but he turns that into face biting rage so its all good.

We have different views on ugliness then. I think it looks awesome.

Everytime my team shows up and i get utah and allo im like, yeah i got rocky and bullwinkle.

And its mostly cause allo just comes off as a moose hybrid to me.

I appreciate that you appreciate :smile: Dang that’s crazy seeing old pics, Utasino all grown up now, looking like a queen :heart_eyes: Road to L26, I cant wait.

@T-Wrecked congrats! enjoy this beaut, she won’t disappoint :wink: #teamblue