Allosinosaurus or Utasinaraptor?

I can create one of them. My team lacks a tank buster, but I would also like to replace Velo for a more versatile raptor. Not sure how the meta is going to change, there might be less tanks soon. I am about 3500.

Which one should I create?

I’d go allosino if you’re looking for a tank buster… especially with a new unique that has base 40% crit and an easy to find common.

I have utahsino and I love it but there are alternatives to it that do a decent job (plus it’s unique is harder to build than than the allosino unique)

All the best!

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Thanks mate!


I’m trying for Allosinosaurus but I’ve barely seen any Sinoceratops this weekend. :frowning:

Super hyped about that new allowing hybrid! Tough picking between him and utarex tho

I had never seen or unlocked sinoceratops until it was featured this weekend. Thanks to using 13 of the attempts on his and getting 170 of his DNA from today’s epic tower I was able to level him to 15 and unlock Allosinosaurus. Itll probably be awhile before I can get the new hybrid that’s coming unless sinoceratops starts to spawn around me.

Go with utasino. It will get buff with higher speed and attack with the coming Attack. In fact, it seems even better than Utarinex with the update

I’m going all out Allosino since I’ve got it to level 18 already and have only used 4 of my 15 attempts, which I’ll finish tomorrow.
Oh and did I mention that I’ve got 153,000 Allo DNA too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: