Allosinosaurus or Utasinoraptor? Which hybrid should I aim for?


I’ve found enough Sinoceratops in the neighborhood to reach level 15. The question is what to use future DNA on? At level 15 Sinoceratops is not the greatest Tank battler so do keep growing him OR start using his DNA to make a hybrid? I’m inclined to make a hybrid since I have a level 19 Stegoceratops for Tank battling.

There are 2 hybrid choices that both need 50 Sinoceratops DNA per “Fuse” and they both get created at 200 so theoretically it will take the same amount of Sino to create either hybrid.

Allosinosaurus OR Utasinoraptor? Which path to choose? Pros? Cons?

Need advice from y’all especially those who are or have been in a similar position.

Thanks for your thoughts.

PS I don’t buy incubators so I know this will be a slow collection process and don’t want to start down the wrong path.


I would say Utah purely because you can then take that and fuse it with Dracorex to make a unique hybrid.