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Allosinosaurus stun bug


My opponent’s Allosinosaurus is on the field. I swap in Stegoceratops. He goes with instant charge and it works. Next, he goes with armor piercing impact. My turn now, I go with greater stunning strike and it works. Next, I choose slowing impact, and all of a sudden Allosino goes with instant charge again?!

Firstly, he was stunned. Plus, my dino is faster. Plus. Instant charge has a 2 turn delay. So how?!

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Your stun delayed him to the point his instant charge was ready again. Looks correct to me.


Even if opponent get stuned their cd still go down.


The greater stunning strike is supposed to stun him the way he is unable to make a move for one turn. You know when your dino’s head is spinning and ur only option is end turn or swap out?

The instant charge, on the other hand, is a lighter stun that it you are faster, you don’t lose your turn.


It depends of the speed of the dino, if you are faster and you launch a stun skill , the action of the enemy is canceled. If you are slower and stun , here you only have the choice to swap or end the turn;)

Stegocera is faster than allosino so …


Exactly, that’s why my Stegoceratops shouldn’t have lost from his Allosinosaurus


I mean, there’s no bug,

Allosino: instant charge
Stego: stunned

Allosino: ds impact, instant charge cooldown 2

Stego : stunning impact
Allosino: stunned , instant charge cooldown 1

Allosino : instant charge

Nothing wrong with that


Thing is, when stunned, u can not plan a move ahead. It’s end turn or swap out. Somehow Allosinosaurus is immune.

Stegoceratops speed is 110. Allosinosaurus 107.


You only can’t plan if the dino is faster and get stunned or you swap and get stunned, that’s it .


“You only can’t plan if the dino is faster and get stunned”

That’s what happened… I’m talking about Allo, a slower dino, hitting instant charge right after my greater stunning impact.


Dont know how to explain you better. For me, it’s normal what happened. Allo wasn’t able to use his skill for the turn where you use greater stunning impact, he loose his turn. The next turn you choose slowing impact, he uses instant charge , nothing wrong with that.

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The cooldown on moves will still tick down even if a dino is stunned, so what happened is perfectly normal.


Another example. I used instant charge with utasinoraptor and stunned his Allosinosaurus. Next, he does the same without losing a turn and I get this. My dino is faster than his, still I lose the turn.


Versus the Stego:

Turn 0

You - Swap
Him - IC

Turn 1

You - Stunned
Him - API

Turn 2
You - Stunning Strike
Him- Stunned

Turn 3
Him- IC
You- Stunned

He had a 2 turn cooldown.


I didn’t swap in, these were first picks beginning of the fight. I talk about this Utasinoraptor vs Allosinosaurus.


Pay no attention to the speed indicator, it’s essentially useless.
It’s a known bug. It’s often incorrect at doing it’s job, noticeably after using instant charge or almost any priority move.

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You played your turn with Utasino IC. You are unable to do turn, cause you already used it. Same is with Indo using Evasive and Utahsino stun it with IC. Indo is stunned. If Indo uses attack just shakes its head after stun.

Same is with Stegocera vs Allosino. When he click end turn, his turn is counted as a move. So cooldown is down and IC ready.

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in your pic Utah vs allo. that means you did not stun him.

Turn 1
You- IC, stun misses
Him- IC, stun lands

Turn 2
You - Stunned (end turn in photo)
Him- whatever he wants except IC


Wait… What? :joy:


The stun did not miss, he was affected, but still had his turn to stun me, causing me to end turn or swap.