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Allosinosaurus stun not working?


Allosinosaurus has typically been my go to because he can do some major damage paired with his stun strike.

I think a recent update has messed up his ability to stun an opponent even though it’s supposed to work 75% of the time.

Vs the computer in battles it works fine. But I honestly can’t remember the last time I stunned a live opponent and it’s costing me some matches when I’m counting on the opponent to be stunned.

Anyone else noticing this?


I have definitely, definitely noticed this. I’ve dropped Allosino from my team because it simply won’t land a stun at the moment.


I haven’t run any numbers on it but I feel like I’m not getting stuns very often with my Allosino.

My opponents, on the other hand, stun every single time they use it, regardless of probability.

So I’m inclined to think it is working and I’m just not having any luck with the RNG.


Blockquote regardless of probability

This is the problematic bit. There is an element of RNG, as we know, but when there is a prolonged failure of something that has 75% chance of something happening, questions are going to be asked.