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Allosinosaurus too OP now?


Who else thinks here that allosino is too OP now that it devalues other rare DS creatures, like tryko and magna… @ same level , tryko will surely lose. It will also beat magna coz of Instant charge. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy for Allosino coz it deserves the buff. I just hope that not too much that it devalues more rare creatures. Maybe decrease his damage a little bit to give chance to other creatures in head to head battle.

Ludia needs feedback from it players as they continue to balance the game play. I appreciate the honest and unbiased opinions.


Agreed. They should let different dinos possess different CD rounds for IC, just like how individual it is with armor piercing impact


Seems like its in a good place right now to me.


Not at all! Allosinosaurus is a Legendary Hybrid and is now on part with other Legendary Hybrids. It’s a great counter to the Tank Meta and is now a welcome part to my team!


I agree with the previous comments that it is now the legendary dinosaur that it should have been and fits among the host of other good legendaries.


I have it at 20 and dont look great for me usually did 1 attack+instant charge before die and dont dmg so much a stegodeus life