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Allosinosaurus vs Utasinoraptor?


I have been getting very close to getting a level 15 Sino. Pretty soon I’ll have to make the choice between Allo and Utah. Which one is the better pick after the update?


Raptor got more of a bump this patch, the 1-turn delay for instant charge stun makes it a lot more viable.
Allo has crazy dmg output though, just slow and no cleanse/immune


I’d go for Utahsino. Plus, you can work on its unique hybrid that also got a buff.


They are both a pain to fight in the arena. Allosinosaurus has high damage output and high hp, but Utahsinoraptor has its speed so it can dispatch you before you even know what hits you. I would prioritize the raptor first. I did a pvp earlier and my opponent’s level 20 raptor managed to win against all three of my dinos. Granted, it was a combo of bad deck and bad strategy on my part but even then I think that speaks to Utahsinoraptor’s prowess.