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Allosinosaurus vs Utasinoraptor?

I have been getting very close to getting a level 15 Sino. Pretty soon I’ll have to make the choice between Allo and Utah. Which one is the better pick after the update?

Raptor got more of a bump this patch, the 1-turn delay for instant charge stun makes it a lot more viable.
Allo has crazy dmg output though, just slow and no cleanse/immune

I’d go for Utahsino. Plus, you can work on its unique hybrid that also got a buff.

They are both a pain to fight in the arena. Allosinosaurus has high damage output and high hp, but Utahsinoraptor has its speed so it can dispatch you before you even know what hits you. I would prioritize the raptor first. I did a pvp earlier and my opponent’s level 20 raptor managed to win against all three of my dinos. Granted, it was a combo of bad deck and bad strategy on my part but even then I think that speaks to Utahsinoraptor’s prowess.

Allosinosaurus as that leads to Thoradolosaur


My experience is that both are good but Allosinosaurus is the better choice and it leads to Thor.

Utahsinraptor no contest…

Of course allosino makes Thor and we all know atm Thor is pretty much unstoppable with the boost issue but that won’t always be the case…

My utasino and thor are kinda evenly boosted… im happy if i get one or the other in my line up… thor might have more 3-0 potential but i love utahsino kit.

Neither, just level up Sino.

This is a tough one. I really love both. Before I got Thoradolosaur, I had both Allosinosaurus and Utahsinoraptor on my team. I use Allosinosaurus more for strike towers now (when needed). So I think I am going to lean towards Utahsinoraptor. Sinoceratops is a great dinosaur too. She always gives me a hard time in friendly battles. Sinoceratops the stunning machine. Lol! :grinning:

It’s an easy decision. If you have access to Dracorex go for Utarinex, otherwise go for Thoradolosaur as her components are much easier to collect. It’s no point choosing Utasinoraptor (she is also good on her own) if you don’t want to invest in her in the long run or have no resource to feed Utarinex.

Utasinoraptor is one of my favorite fighters. I love using it. Mine is level 25 not stat boosted. My Thor is also level 25 not stat boosted and not as fun to use. Utarinex is 22 and not as fun either. Allosinosaurus is just a weaker Thor.

Utasinoraptor for the win for me!

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Utasinoraptor is a raptor with the attack stat of a chomper. Yes it has the exact same attack as allosino. So I chose raptor

utasino is a swiss army knife. 4 great moves, very versatile to many opponents. but need to be higher levels and boost, thanx to its low life.

i use both utasino and thor. its really hard to decide. :frowning: