Allow single fuse without evolving?

Currently single fuse is impossible if dino is ready to evolve. Player can only go for multifuse. Does it make sense to allow single fuse in such cases? Sometimes I just want to see how much dna I can fuse, but without wanting to wait til I collected 250dna per multifuse.

Only multifuse possible, but I can still fuse 2 times.


yes that would make sense. you got so much gemeni, i only have 248 when it locked.

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Yea my alliance did pretty ok in the previous gemini championship, hence was able to make the fuses :slight_smile:

I’ve always pondered that question. Hopefully in the future Ludia will add this feature to a update.

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Would love this.

Say I have 990 Pteraquetzal DNA, and I want 1k to have a big ol’ Quetzorion fuse - I can’t do it unless I use a 5 fuse minimum. Would be so much better if it would let me fuse whenever I want to.