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Allow spamming the AI in regular arena

Ok hear me out before you jump to confusions! :joy:

I am talking about the incubator and daily incubator arena where the not getting trophies actually works!

I would love it to collect my daily incubator and other incubators!

For those that did not know in the trophies arena after 30 seconds you get the same option you got in the tournament


This morning for my daily incubator I got 6 creatures out of 10 from fighting AI.

Is that what you mean?

Yes exactly

Yeah, you get coins and incubators from fighting AI, at least, I do… I guess I shouldn’t assume it’s supposed to work that way. lol

If you could get the AI option up front instead of the 30 second time out than you get a genuine AI vs real player choice!

Btw the AI doesn’t have ridiculously boosted dinosaurs but they are boosted and can be tough to beat but if you don’t want to drop arena from constantly being destroyed by the ridiculously over boosted dinosaurs it works

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If they’re not going to get rid of boosts, I would like this very much.

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Well considering the crapola I always get and the coins aren’t that much either in the incubators and you can only get one daily incubator it probably wouldn’t be a problem for most of the player base!

If someone says well I could take advantage and have allot of incubators that isn’t true as I would have to pay allot of HC to keep speeding them up and HC isn’t worth it!

I generally do a three hour every 3 hours and an 8 before I sleep

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Or at least remove the ones from those exploited

IMO boosts work if everyone was limited to earning the exact same amount of them IE daily incubator, strike tower and 500 eachpack every 24 hours! That was the way it was intended to work

But boosts discussion is for another thread :joy::joy::joy:

I got the AI option earlier today and I like it to earn incubators which is really the only reason I battle. My team is mostly 25-27 and I ran into a 26 boosted Smilo. I beat it but the point is that the AI will hit you with dinos like that

thats an exploit!!

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Oops I don’t want to get banned for it​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Too late now Roly!

I’m in an AI battle right now, and all the dinosaurs are way higher than mine, both in level and in boosts. I’m gonna stick to battling others for the time being, methinks.