Allow to change clans to private after creating

Exactly what title says, make it happen, i’m sure many people want this too, i don’t want to keep having to kick randoms because i’m 1 or 2 players short.

It’s just a option you would have to add, no big deal i think.

Also join restrictions (level/power requirement) and co-leader role would be nice.


Yes, this is definitely needed.


@Marcus @Ned @Ludia_Developers

I know I have asked about this in the past. Are we gonna to be seeing this soon?


Hey KyriaDrakkina, the suggestion has been passed to our team. If we get an update, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. :smiley:


I agree but not exactly a co-leader; make a commander or something, that can kick inactives but not the founder. Because there’s some cases too much power could present a problem for someone making a clan and putting in a whole deal of work to keep it afloat.
@Ned note this as well please

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