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Allow trading DNA already

And not just epic trades. Allow friends or alliances to trade with each other. I already know about the data for epic trades. Let me tell you, I like that idea. But I’m very certain people would trade some epic dna for a larger sum of rare or even common.

I’d trade rex dna for tenonto rare dna for example. I’m sure some would even trade for much needed commons such as Tarbo, Allo, and Deino.

I would love to see a good trade system in place on this game already.

100 epic dna for 100 epic dna

100 epic dna for 500 rare dna?

100 Epic dna for 1,000 common?

The requester could set there amount… maybe its 30 epic dna. And the system could calculate how much epic, rare, or common dna it accumulates. And the end trader could press accept with an “are you sure” button that shows up for both users. Btw add an are you sure button to evolving too lol.


Everyone is talking about the “death of the game”… Epic trading will be the death of the game. Sending spoofer DNA to your 2nd unflagged account would be unpreventable

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This is true… you know unless they actually made it so flagged accounts cant join alliances like originally planned.


They should try to enforce that then, I guess. I guess because of people we can’t have nice things. Didn’t think of spoofing and using other accounts etc. How about even vip trades only? Not sure… didn’t think about them.

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I don’t see a problem with Epic trading within Alliances. Just reduce the max amount slightly and perhaps restrict for just weekends if needs be.

Cheats be damned. We shouldn’t all miss out just because of some selfish muppets who are too lazy to play the game properly.


True but if epic trading would be allowed everyone would use a second or even third account to boost their main one. Not so fun :grinning:

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Players quitting the game would give so much epic+ DNA away.

Id like the game to go the other way and not allow DNA from events to be traded.

We have an Irritator event coming up. Already players can do it with multiple accounts and transfer to one. Adding epic like Pyroraptor to that kind of nonsense is instant lvl 30 Magna.

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Why is everyone fascinated by the idea of epic trading?

No offence I know why because y’all are thinking of the sweet dna that you could get…

Just like every one else…

… The exact same dna…

Realistically how much epic dna would teammates party with? Not much it’s even harder to come buy. Just look at the requests for Trento and velociraptor. Etc.

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It is because some Epic DNA is so hard to come by that even a chance of getting some from a Alliance is worth the risk in asking.

Frankly it is no different than what happens every time a new update comes out. Everyone asks for the new stuff and no one wants to share it as they want it themselves.

I know lol. But honestly I am one of those players who will donate a lot max on as many as I can for dna.

Literally thousands each on
Rare draconrex etc.

Heck I’d prolly uniques by now if I hoarded.
I don’t get much back unless I ask for odd ball stuff.

But to be honest I would most likely not part with any epic dna. It’s just too much of an ask

We go through this same topic about once a month and it always comes back to the same thing, you want short cuts and youre ruining the game. Why the concept of some DNA being difficult to get is so difficult for most of you to understand I have no idea

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Basically Stats Boosts are the shortcut of making a strong team (with 22-24 Uniques ) .
If the trade is fixed by Ludia there will no problem with trading.
example :
Fixed trade : 100 Kentro for 100 Erliko ,you gain something valuable but still you miss something valuable.

Fixed trade :
200 Tenontosaurus for 200 Irritator
400 Velociraptor for 400 Tarbo
etc etc

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It wouldn’t bother me, personally. PoGo allows trading there as well, but it comes at a hefty price. They could always do the same here to minimize it. Perhaps have a limit on how much epic DNA you’re allowed to trade, or that coins need to be spent to trade. Something that would still discourage people from using it too often.


Fixed trading like that just hurts you in the long run. This games attitude towards thier creatures stats is to fikkle to assume I can dump this extra useless dna.