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Allow us to buy boosts with coins

500 cash for 25 boosts seems fair to some and others not so much. However i feel if this is meant to be available to all then make each pack 25,000 coins each instead which is equivelant to 500 cash. Or charge 500 cash or you can use 30-35k coins. Either way this gives f2p players a more balanced chance but p2w still win.

Should ludia allow us to purchase boosts with coins aswell as cash?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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From Ludia’s perspective, it’s a BIG no. They make much more money from making us buy boosts with HC although I wish coins can work.


I agree that 500 hard cash is expensive, but I don’t think buying them with coins is a good idea. That would probably just make the issue worse when it comes to everybody complaining about inbalance.

HUGE No from me. Boosts are supposed to be overpriced to discourage people from buying them. Boosts are supposed to be hard to get but rewarding


Well if you think about it, p2w and others will spend more money and so there will be a greater power vacuum. Where as everyone else will take their sweet time to catch up.
As we already need coins to level up it would give each player an alternative and there would be a overall balance

Just by playing you can get 500 cash a week easy this is just silly

From ludias perspective,no. that makes much less money. From player perspective,no. Its hard enough to get enough coins to level up your dinos

Lol how are they hard to get, press button, insert cash, out pops power

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500 cash, only once a day. For 2 days only. After that the progression will be slow

Absolutely not.

The spoofers already have an advantage, this would essentially give them unlimited boosts


So you think haha, expect a lot more boost sales if not daily

Spoofing is nothing compared to the power whales get from throwing cash out for boosts, but this forums is full of whales so…

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Whales power the game’s existence. Spoofers steal from it and drive paying customers away. Yeah there is no difference.

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One thing spoofing gets that whales do not is however much DNA of whatever they want, which is why they dominate the arena. And let’s be real, these two groups probably overlap.

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This isn’t exactly a triple A game, they don’t need whales they need reasonable players, whales are gonna get so fat that they drive out everyone else with overboosted dinos and drown their own game

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It’s full of both, and there is overlap.

…and just as many heads stuck in the sand.

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They aren’t stuck, the sand is smarter than most that post here so they are trying to absorb some knowledge.

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If you’ve seen the progression of these mobile games, you’ll know that after you get whales, normal players eventually get bored and quit. Then the game decays into non-existence. However, by that time, I think the devs will have decided they made the money they wanted from it already, so they’re pretty much fine with that.

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This whole debacle was planned. No company could be as incompetent as Ludia appears. So many “accidents” and “gross miscalculations” that made them pallets of cash, it’s brilliant.

Keep dumping your wallets trying to stay afloat in this game…thinking others are dim.

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