Allow us to discard battle Incubators


I have been battling before going to sleep and all that I got are 3 hours incubators. I would like to discard some of those because I’m not going to wake up in the middle of the night to put another one, so if I could discard one I would battle again in order to get a 8 or 12 hours incubator.

Another option would be an auto-resume so that after 30 minutes of an incubator being ready without opening it, the next incubator is selected and started automatically so when I wake up in the morning I collect them and battle for more incubators.


I second the discard idea, or better yet: sell them!


You can sort of skip 2 incubators a day; VIP guarantees almost any day max cash = 50 cash. Combined with the free incubator that gives about 2 cash you can reach almost 60. 2x 3h incubators can be skipped this way. Thats what i do sometimes when i have spare cash and unlucky incubators… Or i let one run for an hour and then unlock it for less cash, for example, if i know im short on time. Also ending your incubator 15 minutes ealier by watching an add can save you loads of time if you have multiple 3h incubators a day. If you do so you will have one additional 3h open in just 2 days (ofc. This is impossible since you need sleep, work,… Just ‘the math’ behind it saves you time).

The auto-resume could perhaps be included in VIP since it is a very handy tool - limited uses / day or / week or maybe even spend a little cash on it (which you earn via supply drops) just like instantly unlocking an incubator. Perhaps non-vip can use it too but have to pay cash for it, obviously more than VIPs. I don’t want to spoil the fun with all kind of pay for this, pay for that options… but such features are very convenient and just ‘removing’ incubators is slightly ‘OP’. Especially if you consider you can get 12h or even 24h incubators instead of ‘just’ a 8h one. So far i didn’t have to spend additional money over VIP to ‘skip’ a 3h before bed time. Just my daily cash or even a bit from a previous day but you get the idea…


Suggested something similar to this. Hate getting 3 hour ones for the same reason. Prefer 15 minute ones because I can keep playing.