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Allow us to see boosts on profile screen

I am unable to reconcile my wins and losses against opponents after the fact because I can’t see boosts from their player profile.

I like to deconstruct my matches after by viewing profiles. It helps me try to make decisions on how to modify my own team.

This also makes it difficult to critically assess matchmaking so we can give further critiques to the favorable ness of matchups.


Something like this would be awesome, assuming boosts are here to stay…

I’d also like an at a glance ‘tier level’ in the in battle screen so I can decide how screwed I am at a glance. I only have 15 seconds to decide my next move. Do I try to strategize or just fly by the seat of my pants, because if there one is Tier x, maybe his other three dinos are similar, or hey, this might be their only ‘monster’ I have to get through.

Boosts have been a big problem for me today. First day I have really felt that my opponents boosts were outplaying me and not their strategy/dinos. up until now, even with boosts I’ve always felt ‘even’ and all my losses were smart plays on my opponents part or dumb decisions on my part (Did I really just lead with Superioroty strike against an immune dino? Really? At first I’m all like. Wait, he isn’t boosted THAT much speed, then as my dino dies, I go…oh. Yeah. Immune. Crap.)