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Almost 4/4 alliance looking for new members

We are an international alliance and we are looking for active players to join our alliance to make it a 4/4 alliance and higher again.

At this moment we are a 4/3 alliance (with a lot of inactive players).
If you’re active we’ll make place for you.
With a few more active players we’ll be at least 4/4 again.

You need to contribute active to the alliance mission so we can achieve our goals together.
We need active darters and members that are active in battles.
If you’re both that’s even better.

Let me know if you’re interested.
(We don’t care what your level is, just be very active).

I’m looking for a new alliance, we’re barely getting 2/1 in ours, I’m the only one who seems to put in any effort. I play every day and am usually the top contributor for most alliance challenges.

I’ve sent a request through already :slight_smile:

Good luck out there. Seems a lot more alliances are trying to rebuild to get back up there.

Hey I’m looking for a new alliance, the one I joined doesn’t do anything. I’m active in darts and battle so I think I could be an asset. Only level 10 but only been playing a week. LazyLizards #7529