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Almost 5/5 alliance recruiting

United Nations is looking for some dedicated players who focus on defense! We easilly hit 5/4 every week. Sometimes we try to reach 5, but mostly fail as you can see in the picture, that’s why I need players who would like to help us reach the 5!

Discord is a must: 3ljanne666#4161

Are you still looking? I currently belong to a 5/4 alliance but you are closer to 5/5 than them. I battle 30 times a day which hopefully will help you get 5/5. Already on discord

Hello, are you still recruiting by chance? I am a level 20, VERY active daily player. I haven’t missed a daily battle incubator since I started the game in January. I battle about 20x daily, will do friendlies forever, dart 300-500 daily. Max out the map every 12 hours and will donate/request DNA as much as possible. I’m very chill and social, and on Discord already, if I sound like a good fit to help improve your team please let me know! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m tired of the alliance I’ve been in for the past month… I always carry them to level 2 on my own and there are basically no active players. I’m very active so message me if I can join and I’ll leave my actual alliance. I can’t discord but I’m very active.

Sorry for the late respons. Don’t know if you received my other message but care you still looking for an alliance? :slight_smile:

I have the exact same issue. If you’d like to please join dooms dominion if you’d like to help out.

Wow really nice of you to try steal recruits :joy: pls make your own post :wink:

I send you a request on Discord :slight_smile:

It’s cool. We’re full. Thanks for your concern.