Almost at 4k


10 trophies away from Ruins. I’m scared to push that battle button.


Do it! I finally got there yesterday and it is such a good feeling! :grin:

i was at 4990 last week, and then i made a series of horrible decisions.

some of them jwa related.


I made it!!

And bought the one time offer.

Some good, some meh. Wish the Mono and Kentro had swapped amounts but can’t complain.


It’s almost funny, my Indom and Indo dodged every single move, and I hit like five crits. The last two turns the timer ticked all the way down, pretty sure my opponent rage quit and threw their phone. I would feel bad if it hadn’t gotten me into the Ruins. :rofl:

:joy: this made me laugh… keep going…


Grats. Now grab some incubators before you get knocked down.

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Woo Hoo! Welcome to the Ruins! I got knocked back down after my first battle, but have won a couple since so I hope you’re able to stay! I’m not holding my breath myself haha.

I like to think my team is pretty decent for only having been playing around 3 months or so. So hopefully I can stick around the Ruins at least a bit. :rofl:


Hello, welcome to ruins :slight_smile: You’ll end up playing me at 4700 soon because I’m doing :poop:

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It took me this long to hit 4k, I don’t think I’ll be anywhere near 4700 anytime soon. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to arena, I either rage quit and stop battling for days or weeks when I get a bad losing streak, or I just lack confidence and make stupid mistakes.

I feel my team doesn’t deserve to be here if you are just now getting in… Please don’t hurt me if we get matched haha.

i’m vacillating between 4700 and 4900 on the daily.

time to hunt and evolve, i reckon.

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Honestly at this trophy level I feel like there’s just no consistency, one minute I’ll battle a team with a level 16 trago and a level 20 stegodeous the next it’s a 28 stegodeous and a hoard of uniques.


Yikes how on Earth do you have both Monobeasts??? And levelled.

Gratz!! Well done

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When you see two monos and an allo on the team it’s an L3 dweller :joy:


Yep. This. Haha

Ugh I’m so jealous. I need more Mono in my life. :sob:

I guess what I lack in Mono, I make up for with Sino though. I have both those at L20 with spare DNA on Sino and Utasino. Utarinex is my new project. Dracorex is almost L19 and I come across a few of them a day so will be L20 in no time.


Exactly both my monos are l21, utahsinoraptor is 18 and allosino doesn’t even exist for me :joy: