Almost no event drops

There are so few
I’m experiencing the same problem

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i ve noticed this to only ran into one @Ned @Breona ???

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Hi everyone. May I ask you to please message us at so the team can investigate this further? You can also include your support key. Thanks!

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Yeah I noticed yesterday too. I not a surprise. There’s 3 event exclusives under them. So they’ll be hard to find. Then all the ones o saw had the flock under it. I got 3 Giga yesterday. I do have an event drop at home next door but I wasn’t home majority of the day.

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I was in a 7 mile car journey and passed under ONE green drop. It’s the worst it’s ever been, but Ludia know how bad drop distribution is when a coin chase is on and they’ve never been bothered to fix it, so there’s no point complaining.

Same problem, in an event that there are 12 epic attempts in 2 days I had no green supply drops in my area today and now the same, no chance to hunt any of these creatures, I hope this is solved.

It’s because strike towers cover up supply drops. Easy solutions: remove strike towers completely after player finishes them or let player filter out what they want to see on the map. @Ludia_Developers

It’s still bad today. @Davy any word this? I reported to support but no one ever replies in time to fix stuff like this. Could take a week before I hear back, and by then the event is done.

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It’s not just that. There are also plenty of grey drops. Just no event exclusives. So the two things combined (towers and grey boxes), in addition to the cash boxes, all add up

This is a before / after some strike towers show up comparison I made a long time ago… you can see this effect if you have app open when switch over happens for the day. Notice spawns are in the same exact spots. Two strike towers end up ‘hiding’ two green drops that should be there.

These were both taken after daily switch over. Bottom one is after restarting app. That’s why I’m confident that green drops are under the strike towers



Again, being able to choose what to see on map or removing strike towers completely (not just fading them) after completion would reveal the ‘hidden’ green drops. Make sense?

Not just these that are disappearing. When the new Coin Chase started, there were three cases on my map, and now there’s suddenly only one. :person_shrugging:

100% I second this.

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Ya, good point. Are there strike towers now where the chests were? Removing strike towers after completion or player map filter would help you there. Filter out to only see “coin chests” and I think map speed would be improved too

Battle tabs would help with map speed as well - if 0 bosses were on the map, can you imagine how beautiful it would be? I can now dart without worrying about Posti :rofl:

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Yesterday there were no green drops in my area, today also without any green supply drop, not to mention the problem that the game takes time to load at startup, and having to open another application to open jwa.

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Yep :+1:. If only someone actually cared about making the game better besides the players… :cry:

Kind of feels like a test sometimes, no? How much will they put up with before they finally quit? :thinking:

The game is wonderful, I’ve been playing it almost from the beginning, like many others here, sometimes one gets frustrated with so many errors that there are, and that are never solved, they could be solved obviously, but I don’t understand why that doesn’t happen, I love the dinosaurs and that’s why this game seems great to me, but it could be spectacular if it didn’t have so many errors update after update, I’ve never thought about stopping playing it, but I understand those who have done it, since the errors are too many, and I haven’t seen another game like this with so many bugs.

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When an error favors the players, the problem is immediately solved, but when the error is the opposite, nothing happens, I am still waiting to see some green supply drop in my area, I see that I will not be able to launch the Giganotosaurus today, just like yesterday that I couldn’t do it either, I hope to see a rotation before the event ends.

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