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Almost playing always the touraments, never get the grand prize

I just play much times in the touraments, but i never get the grand prize, sometimes like one more and i had him… but i never won it yet. I doesn’t like that anymore and that’s the reason i don’t like the touraments very much anymore… does anyone of you won the grand prize for once? Because i don’t like this…

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I have been playing for more than 3 years, I have played every tournament in that time, and in that time landed on it 2 maybe 3 times in total so that’s an average of once a year. You should expect to never land on it, that way when you do it’s a great surprise.


I have won one, and I barely played many tournaments, there are people who have played more tournaments than me and haven’t gotten any, someone in the fourm has gotten 2 packs from the same tournament.

It’s just extremely rare but yes, it’s possible to get them, even in predator or Hunter leagues.

Also don’t be fooled by close calls on the wheel, the wheel is a lie and makes you think you are close, and makes it look like the chance of getting the pack is higher than it actually is.


Nice thanks to both responses guys!!


Wow that’s soo much luck. I got one time even in the biggest league but nope…


I edited my response to make sure I was clear, only a total of 2 or 3 times, not 2-3 per tournament. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.


That’s just also very much times yet… i wish i got it for once already…

I won 5 main cards from dominator last year, para gen 2 pterodaustro, ploto, kangoroo i forgot the name…the last i forgot but it wasn’t a vip, i posted that. Because that i don’t know why Humberto have more lucky than me…:face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


That’s lucky also… :frowning:

Have you been playing for years, every tournament, and getting dominator every time? I know of folks that have done thousands of tournament battles, typically to secure dominator is around 40 battles for perspective. So 2-3 thousand battles and not gotten the main prize. Again you are better off to expect you will never get it.


Al for years i guess… playing much then but now a lot less… i’m sick of the noobs rewards like coins…

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I have done lots of battles but to get secure in dominator get to at least 50th place on the last night, that way by the next morning you wont drop 50 places in dominator. Getting to 85 or 90 in dominator rarely helps you


Wow thanks for the tip i will try this…

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All I can do is laugh, thanks for the advice I guess. I will keep this in mind the next time I am struggling with reaching and securing Dominator.


My experience has been similar to @Sionsith 's. I’m closing in on my 3rd anniversary of play. I’ve landed on the tournament pack three times (Secondontosaurus, Velociraptor S-DNA, and Umoonasaurus). My son in similar time-frame but with fewer tournament battles has landed twice (Einiosaurus and Kentrosaurus). I consider us quite fortunate winning as often as we have when other players have droughts that last year’s between winning the big prize.


Also luck… i will try to fight more now… in few minutes…

Last one i won was dilo gen 2, I think its pretty rare, if you do a lot of tournaments I think you can win only one per year, and if you are lucky maybe one each 8 months or so…

So keep playing and good luck mate


Thank you

I love your profile picture. And that name too… ( would almost tjink i found Dennis Nedry of jurassic park of year 1993 the first one- no i’m making a joke… just had to make a jurassic park joke sorry…)

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Hahaha thanks! Also if you think about the movie it’s pretty funny that the only dino I’ve won it’s a dilo :joy::joy: this things chase me even in the games