Alot of issues with online PvP

There is entirely way too much chance involved. Apart from choosing your attacks, everything is determined by the A.I. That leaves winning and losing a mere coin flip. Out of 8 on your team, 4 are RANDOMLY selected, critical hits are RANDOM, stunning is again, RANDOM. Percentage based control does nothing as far as I’m concerned. 40% critical chance based creature may not get any hits at all whereas a 5% critical chance based creature gets 2 or 3 in any given battle! This is entirely not a skill based functionality. Having been on both sides of these RANDOM coin flips, it’s a detriment to the game. My strong suggestion would be to make a sliding meter with a moving bar to control stun and critical hit chances, giving the user control over these aspects. A meter with a moving bar that when lined up in a “green” zone will register a critical hit, if not a normal hit. The interaction will be tap based. (See Mortal Kombat X Mobile) The matchmaking still needs WORK. Level 8 players should not be playing a level 10 or 11 multiple times! There is no way to victory against a much higher level opponent! This is a lingering issue.
Lastly, I would recommend an offline A.I. battle that awards tokens or better creatures. This would be separate from map based strike events.

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