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Alpha, Arena and Quest battle aren't working

Plzzzzzzzz fix the bug game is not working I’m lossing my patience…
Posting screen shot of Alpha battle not working
Both Arena battles Revenge and New opponents are not working too…
Revenge battle screen shot…
New opponent battle screen shot…
What should we do tell us I will be there in about 5 hours…
Waiting for your response team…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Hey there, Aylia_Ahmed. I’m really sorry to hear that you were having trouble starting your battles. Could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key and those screenshots to give our team a chance to make things right?

Thank you!

What the hell is going on with the game :triumph:
I lost my all 70 quest energy :zap: by just clicking on okay
I captured the screen shots also
And Eruptodon quest 8 is not working showing window of " An unknown error occurred" and lossing my energy :zap: constantly by clicking “ok”
Also alpha battle is not working properly showing like :point_down::point_down:
What the hell is going on :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

Not sure if it’s a general issue now… just won a battle. 2 mins later it showed me I lost… :neutral_face:

Can you P.L.EA.S.E fix…