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Alpha battle bug: target dragon changed during the battle

When Alpha Battle began today, the opponent was a 4-star Bewilderbeast with 900,000 points. I played 2 battles, one of which was not counted because the battle ended in an infinite loading screen after the end of the battle - This well known bug I have reported to you several times, but you have not corrected this error yet and the problem is still unchanged. All alpha battles is due this error absolutelly unfair - results of battles are basically just a coincidence and no matter how we struggle with the alpha dragons.

After about 3.5 hours, I loged to the game again and found that the target dragon changed - instead of the 4 star Bewilderbeast, there is only 3 stars Green Death !

I do not understand what is happened. Even the one score that was counted at the beginning of the battle against Bewilderbeast is gone, I lost all the energy I had invested in the battle with Bewilderbeast and I got nothing for it. Now I must start with only one energy from scratch.

This whole situation seems to me to be a very bad joke. I absolutely do not understand how it is possible that such an error-infested application can be put into operation.

I’m sorry to hear that happened, @Pehta, and I can understand your frustration. Please rest assured that our team is currently working on a fix for this issue.

Ned,i looks like your team has a lot of work now right? Because i emailed them for my bug that i encountered four days ago and still didn t get a response

Are you sure 1st didnt escape and then you had a new one? Otherwise 1st time this has happened in quite some time

This happened before? This game is challenging Fallout 76 for the buggiest game of the year.

Technically even if the previous Alpha escaped - the player must still “accept” it before they get access to the next Alpha. So if the OP clearly did not see the “escaped” window - it could be bugged.

Have you tried asking the rest of the clan?

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When alphas first launched, they would change

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Yes, all members of our clan which started early have the same problem. We fight against Bewilderbeast and then, during the same battle period alfa dragon changed to Green Death. We all lose our score and invested energy.

Reporting the problem to support is for nothing - after 4-5 days of waiting there is a general answer that does not solve the problem. Nobody corrects the bug anyway and the situation is getting worse.
After another 4 days, the support will send 3 pieces of new alpha energy as an excuse for mistake - but they are absolutely useless, because the cheats in the game will not count the result again.


Hi @Ned, I’m sorry to say this: I have recieved a lot of apologies from support. But excuses and saing sorry are useless when nobody fixes errors and the situation is getting worse. After One week of contacting support via e-mail someone will respond with a general message that does not solve anything and adds an apology. There is immediate automatic answer to the problems reported by the Helpshift function in the game - then the problem and all conversation disappear after about a week without any further reaction from the game support. Bugs still exists, solution not. I haven’t seen worse support yet.


Hate to break it to you, but support only gives the 3 clan energy once

So the situation is even worse than I expected - the number of lost alpha battles that have not been counted due to game errors are at this time more than 10 …

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And one more thing changed in connection with that strange change of opponent during the battle - the alpha chest I currently play from level 4 has dropped to level 1 :frowning:

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Definitely contact support as that should not happen

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I have contacted support, so far no response (except for the usual automatic response). For another problem I have been waiting for the support response for 9 days and no reaction come yet… I really haven’t seen worse support yet :frowning: It’s a shame, the game is very nice, but this behavior is very degrading it

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