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Alpha Battle Bugged - No rewards

So I was fighting the Bewilderbeast and all of a sudden it’s HP goes negative and so does my “Damage Dealt” stat. This caused the Alpha to be defeated and me to progress to the next level, without getting my rewards. I really needed that 3-5 star dragon draft ticket.

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This happened to me yesterday with the Red Death at Burning Barrens.

Known bug, contact support

I did contact them and i’m currently waiting for a response. Though, judging by my old attempts to get help on other ludia games I will just pass. I had e-mailed them recently about a lost account on a different game of theirs and they never replied (8+ days of wait time). Their helpshift thing is also pretty slow and not so useful.

I did as well… Don’t know how long I can wait, though, considering mine happened on the story quests. Because they do seem slow, and if they’re as slow as you say - and I believe what you say is very much true, your experience - then it won’t be so encouraging to play… Until they do something, that is.

UPDATE : A support agent replied to my ticket (3 days later) and said my Premium Draft Token will be sent to my Terror Mail within 1-2 bussiness days. First day has gone by and nothing has been sent to my Terror Mail. Waiting for it to arrive within Monday.

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They replied to me too, yesterday evening, and I’ve received the compensation already (even though they said it might take 1 or 2 business days). They were pretty quick, addressed all the issues I reported too. :slight_smile:

You’ll get your own package soon, I have faith. :wink: