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Alpha battle bugged

Hi Ludia, my daughter and I have encountered identical problems this evening. In all of the three battles the game locks when the turn counter reaches zero and then the game continuously recycles in a loading and reconnecting screen. This is unusual and I have certainly not encountered this before during my time as a gamer. The only way to return to the game is a hard reboot and after which the battle/score has been recorded as being identical for each game irrespective of how well, or poorly you perform during the game itself.

Very definitely broken.

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Hey there, Drachen. Could I ask you to write to our support team at with the support key from you and your daughter’s game? Our team would be more than happy to take a closer look.



Hi Ned, I have done that. Thank you.


The thawfest arena is affected by “connecting” issues, too.
Why you can’t make this game work properly for more than 1 month?

You have 1 job to do…

At this point, I wouldn’t find it weird if they were being forced to work at this game without getting paid properly while programming for an inhumane amount of hours and thanks to that they can’t do anything without messing up.

It’s been 2 years, they’ve been working on this digital mess for 2 years and nothing has improved. They fix one bug and ten different bugs appear.

I guess it’s impossible to fix this without throwing it all in the trash and starting from scratch.


Everyone in my clan has this same exact problem. When you force quit the app after the infinte loop, you wind up with millions of points…something is extremely broken.

I’m very sorry to hear that is happening with your battles, Vikings. Our team is aware of this issue and they’re currently working on implementing a solution.

Thank you for your patience! :pray: