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Alpha battle dragon tips


If the alpha battle is red, use blue dragons. Also make sure you have a healing dragon, and an increase-damage dragons


Healing dragon kinda useless


I’m sure at some point you might need healing. But the 4 star didn’t do much damage at all to my team and judging by your dragons, I’d assume my team is far below yours


Better have “break enemy defense” instead.

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He’s using 2 purples instead of 2 blue… Wow… Some bad tips here LOL


@Kryoshoot The healing dragon is the whisper… it does a ton of damage and also heals itself :slight_smile:


That’s not the point, actually he suggested to use a healing dragon, now HE deals tons of damage the same cause he shopped half the game, but others have to study a good team, break def, enhance atk, double counter element dragon In team, these are the tips, AFTER THIS you can add “boost ally skill bar”, single target fast recharge and heal on time or shield at the very end


@Kryoshoot I did not spend much on game. I have a 5 star brewery, a 3 star hatchery, it doesn’t take much to get to the 5 stars with that.


I’m lvl 35 and spent 8000 pulling, yet i have not a single 5 stars so… Hard to believe you