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Alpha battle frozen, lost energy and no points

My alpha battle froze at the very end of the game (I was down to 0 turns). It errorred and afterwards I had lost my alpha energy, however, not received points and no change in my duties.
How can I get my alpha energy back?

Unfortunately this is a bug that is not uncommon as of right now. From what I’m aware it’s being looked into.

As for your best bet to get any sort of compensation (an extra Alpha key) for your loss, you would have to either email support, or use the in-game support to let them know what happened. It might take a bit for them to get back to you, as I believe they’re still swamped with tickets.

If you prefer to email instead of reaching out using the in-game channels, the email is

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Thank you for the quick answer!
I sent them an email as well, hoping to get my alpha energy back!

sama as my game, I used 2 and lost 1 when I had 3 alpha energy

I dont know how but everytimes it happended, the last game will be stuned with “Reconnecting” and BOOM !!! I lost the third alpla energy :laughing::laughing:

No problem! Glad to have helped :slight_smile: