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Alpha battle glitch; battle ended sooner than it should


Just a few minutes ago, on my second of the three attempts at the Bewilderbeast Alpha, just I had all my dragons charged and ready to shoot, battle was ended though I still had one move left. Shouldn’t it have allowed me to fire my dragons at the Alpha as I intended, use my last move, then end the battle? Is it not supposed to end when we run out of moves?

P.S. I wasn’t quick enough to take screenshots to prove what I mean. (Again.)


I have had tons of issues with the Alpha battles, between the gems not letting me move them properly to where the bomb doesn’t move after it hits 1. I have a long list of issues, but the support folks just keep giving me the script of what the ideal method of playing would be.

I have sent them TONS of screenshots with no response that has been productive.


Could you simply have used that last turn? I keep forgetting to check whether using abilities DURING the last turn actually does damage the boss or not, or its health is snapshotted once you trigger the last set of tiles.


This would be something some of us could test :slight_smile: find a dragon that does decent damage and check to see if that damage was applied. I will try to test during my next battle.


I see, why would they do that? The glitches aren’t our fault. On the contrary, it’s their responsibility.


I would have if the game hadn’t decided battle was over before I used my last move. And I was certainly going to fire my dragons first because otherwise I wouldn’t be allowed to as per game rules. I am also sure that were it not for the glitch, I would have inflicted more damage to the Alpha. Because I had used a lot of gems and had every single dragon in my team fully charged and ready to shoot. I am just miffed they didn’t get to shoot.