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Alpha Battle Guide

Hey fellow players,

This thread is about sharing knowledge & strategies, regarding alpha battles. My clan has summarized all our insights so far in a brief guide that covers:

  • The selection of dragon types
  • Alpha fighting strategies

as both can push the damage one deals at alphas quite a lot, regardless of BP.


Do you feel anything has been left out or is inaccurate? Just let us know here! I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback and will try to update the guide regularly.


Thank you very much, it’s really useful

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Thx for the effort, sure did help
some of our Clan members to improve !

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Another alpha battle tip from me is that if you bring a dragon which weak against the enemy alpha, try to bring a dragon with “Strong Hit” skill. Use the “Strong Hit” skill and then only match the colored tiles(power tile if possible) that’s weak against the alpha will now turned to addition damage to it.

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@Kiet_Wei: Just for clarification:
You mean if you bring a dragon of weak color into the team, one should make sure to choose a dragon with a single or team buff?
That’s not bad advice at all. Thx! I’ll make sure to stress that more in the guide :slight_smile:

@TheCommander No I doesn’t mean that.
This game has the color cycle for which one color will strong against the other color, and weak against another color. So let’s say if you bring red dragon to fight blue alpha, your red dragon damaged will become half.
But if you bring a Strong Hit skill dragon, ie. Bombwelter, and use his skill and then match red tiles, my red dragon now will deal extra damage to the blue alpha even it is weak against.

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Thanks @CaptWacky for the illustration. This exactly what I mean.

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Thanks guys for introducing me to this! I will study it once I get home. May have more questions LOL

@CaptWacky: Am I allowed to include this chart in the guide (while mentioning the source of course)?

Yes, Go for it!

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