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Alpha battle is broken

I went into the alpha battle, and I knocked it out in a couple turns. I saw the animation of it dying and I was brought back to the home screen. Then I went to my clan page to claim my alpha keys, but it said the alpha was still alive! It didn’t count any of the damage I did to it in that battle!
Also, the alpha battle frequently breaks mid game. I will be fighting the alpha, and then randomly the game will not let me slide gems anymore. It becomes literally unplayable. I even tried turning on auto-match, but even auto-match can’t slide gems. Its just stuck there. I end up having to flee the battle because it is impossible to progress.

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I’m sorry that happened with your Alpha battle, Kycrio. Please reach out to our support team at with your support key, and our team will be sure to try their best to assist you.

Thank you!

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