Alpha battle stuck

So, there’s this issue today that the game is being generally too stiff and I can’t even open the charts for my clan’s players to check progress, but there’s worse… I tried to do battle and it stuck as I was trying to fire my dragons, with their fire not reaching the opponent (Alpha) and the game not moving forward. I tried to disconnect with the WiFi or to put the game in the background, nothing triggered a reconnect so I could resume battle. Only change was the screen turned completely black.

I’ve also had another player hit really low 2 times last night, and even though he hasn’t responded to my queries, I suspect something like this happening.

This is where it stuck…

…and this is what I see now if I try to click on the game after putting it in the background. Literally.

I’m sorry that happened, @Featherwing. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and those screenshots so they can investigate? Thanks!