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Alpha Battle Timing


Could the Alpha Battles please be every 12 hours instead of 24 (or something like that), I don’t think it is healthy for me to be waking up at midnight to be playing puzzle games.

(and if I don’t do the alpha battles I don’t get the cool chests and I have a risk of getting kicked from my clan)

Please consider this


I agree, because of the timing I couldn’t attack at all. It’s sort of annoying now.

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it’s dead center 00:00, right at midnight here in my country Indonesia. for the first alpha, it’s dead before i can play.
the 2nd one i put a dent from 3 battles, and it’s dead before i get the other energy at 04:00
the third i woke up at 00:00 and put a dent to the alpha health, and then manage to play another 1 time at 04:00. it’s dead by 8.15, and i can’t play because i’m on my way to work at that time…

being global game, this need to be balanced in timing so that more active member could play.

say alpha battle 1 is at 00:00, then, you need to make it so that the alpha battle at 12:00, for member that had played alpha fight at 00:00 and win the key reward (top 10 or so) can play again without being counted toward the 12:00 key reward, just to help other member to take down the alpha.

or make member to choose between 2 time to play their alpha battles. 12 hours difference is the best as it’s going to be day-night or morning-evening time. just a thought though, the developer needs to address this issue in their own way, or listen to the players…

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Yes I think once every 12 hours is good


Well sorry to hear that, l have been to 4 Clans with over 20 players. But only a handful are playing and each clan l have be with… End up being defeated and lose our keys!

12 hours are better than 24 hours.


Hey all, i don’t want to be disappointed about this but alpha battles start at 3am for me. I really want to participate but like @TomLouis said. It is unhealthy for me aswell. There must be a better solution to this. I also have a question, what timezone is the game based on generally that effects when alpha starts?

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meanwhile… 600k HP alpha now, and till now, in my clan it’s still have a healthy half HP ~290K.

Maybe 24 hours is good for this kind of battle, but looks broken for the 100 - 200K one


I guess it’s better now, since the Alphas are getting stronger I get a chance to finish it of in the morning

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I agree with you… But if you want keys, you must wake up at “Stupid o’clock in the morning”

My Alpha starts at 4pm British time on my first old mobile phone but on my 2nd new mobile phone its starts at 4pm with a different Alpha!

I have to set my alarm, every 4 hours to play again before the Alpha is defeated.