Alpha battle "Turns" get eaten up after update

I have experience two types of bugs wrt the “turns” in Alpha battle. And I have seen someone else reporting the same issues in the forum.

  1. During a cascade, a row/column of matched-3s doesn’t immediately explode along with the rest of the combos. It will pause like half a second before exploding, but it is counted as a new “turn”

  2. It is very obvious during the final few turns, where when you see you still have may be 2 turns left, so you pause to contemplate your best final moves, then the turn suddenly goes to 0 and the battle ended just like that

I am still trying to get video recording to work for my game without freezing everything. So hopefully if anyone else has experience something similar can help with the screen recording ( or share your experience here ) to provide evidence that I am not just imagining things!

I know @Dot_Gale will be pitching in soon! :wink:


Yes, I am experiencing the same things in clan alpha battles only over different kinds of alphas. First time it happened so fast I thought maybe I imagined it, but now it’s been more than one, and I’m seeing/hearing that others are seeing the same. Please investigate!


Noted and shared with our developers. Thank you!

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Just coming in to say that I have experienced this as well, but of course it’s very hard to capture imagine of. But if three of us here have experienced it, I’m sure it’s widespread

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Yes, many people on discord and in my clan have experienced it.
As one alpha turn taking 2 flags

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I have been having this issue also. Any chain that happens will end up counting about 3 turns at least. This is a lot of lost damage. But I have experienced this on all alphas so far.


Same here. Hope it gets a fix.

Almost our whole clan has had this happen to include myself. Hope it gets fixed soon.
We also have beaten the alphas and not gotten keys. Also annoying and hurts our progress.

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