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ALPHA battles and CLAN functions

Leader-function: choose alpha level

  • ATM many clany struggle on a specific alpha level and get a verry boring and frustrating win-loose-circle
  • A leader should choose the alpha level, after the clan reached it


  • btw. it would be realy nice to have a co-leader function
  • a co-leader / champion can be marked by leader
  • a co-leader can kick members and let new members join

New alpha levels

  • If we can choose the alpha level, it would be great for some top tier clans, to get a level above 10
  • 11+ star Alpha could get smaler dragons in their colour, that shield them 11 = 1star, 12 = 2star …
  • 16+ star Alpha get could summon (with their special attack) dragons that shield them, after one dragon dies. 16 = summon 1 star, 17 = 2 star…

better reward system

  • Add for example a alpha key shop where we can choose our rewards on our own

dayly buyable alpha attack

  • we often get the clan pack on the “wrong alpha” and we don’t need 3 per member, it would be better every member could buy one attack, day by day, then 3 once a week

Background Idea:
The leader can decide (perhaps after 3+ loose on lvl 7), that they will need some time to try again and choose until that lvl 6.
After a while, when they beat lvl 6 with many attacks left, he can choose to try more until they loose (for example) 3+ times against lvl 9, so they can do lvl 8 for a while without a win-loose-circle .

Trust me, a win-loose-circle is frustrating and boring and I saw many clans loosing good members on it, to clans that can beat 10 star alpha day by day. But IMO, that is not how clans should work.

Smaler clans shouldnt have a problem (win-loose-circle) because they can only beat the 9 star alpha…