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Alpha battles freezing again

Since the newest update I am getting a lot of alpha battle freezes, three with the latest alpha - I even spent 500 coins in the arena to get another alpha energy and that froze on me too! Any news of a fix?

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Hey NightLight4, I’m sorry to hear that the last update is causing issues for your Alpha battles. If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team at with your support key and device information. Our team would be happy to try and help you out.


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I been losing alpha energy ever since about 1+years ago due to frozen boards. Ever till the latest update the problem still not solve.
Been written to the support team and only compensated for 1 time and they told me that they not going to compensate again for any frozen boards in the future.
It just prove that Ludia just don’t want the alpha to be defeated by the players since that the problem had been occur for at least 1+years and there are a lot more players that had face the same problem as me that they give up on writing to the support team.