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Alpha boss killed itself and skipped me

So I was doing the campaign missions and i got to the alpha which was in the 22nd mission in the ice biome thingy. I didnt kill it in the first try, i also didnt kill it in the 2nd (together i must have done only like 12000 damage) but it killed itself after the second one. It showed that it is -600/18000 or something like that and once i relogged it killed it disappeared and skipped me to the next mission. I didnt get any rewards or anything. Please give me a rollback or something

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Hey there! I have the exact same bug… mine was -2000 …I was going to defeat it but exept letting me defeat the boss it just skipped it and I got to the other map with battles.I restarted the game,my phone nothing worked … and the weirdest thing is that it didnt gave me any rewards… If someone can do something about that bug I will appreciate it alot.

I am in the same boat. I was an overachiever and got to -6,000 though.

Did around 7,500 damage in the first battle, did the second battle and it showed me doing about 1/2 damage to the remaining health bar and then the post combat screen showed me doing a total of 22,000 damage and saying the boss had -6,000 health remaining. Thought it was weird, but it showed the boss alive, attacked a third time and everything froze, game crashed, and upon reloading I got the post battle chat with the twins and moved to the next world. I did not get any rewards for defeating it.

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Yes,same thing.If someone can do something or at least put us back for that quest again so we can defeat and get our rewards I would really appreciate it.Even if someone defeated it he still doesnt get his rewards and its showing - 2000 and something health. My friend has this bug too.

Hey Vikings, could you contact our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look to try and assist you further with this? Thanks!